What will the price of Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas be?

What will the price of Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas be?

In recent months, the legalization of medical marijuana in Las Vegas has been the topic of numerous conversations. One of the more specific topics to surface recently is the potentially-rising cost of medical marijuana.


This topic concerns the already-approved business owners and entrepreneurs who are poised to profit off dispensaries and grow houses, and it concerns local government agencies who approve individuals and partners looking to enter the emerging industry.


The crux of the matter lies here: there is a state regulation that allows the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to limit cultivation of medical marijuana in Southern Nevada.


As reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, the president of the nonprofit advocacy group Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association, John Laub, said he is “completely appalled” that the state is discussing the cap and the association is “dead set against any type of limitations” on cultivation.


In regards to the supply and demand aspect of this discussion, more complexities arise. One example is products that are infused with medical marijuana and require a high, concentrated amount of the drug (i.e. edibles).


Already, Nevada has over 6,000 medical marijuana cardholders, and the number is growing. According to the LVRJ, State Senator Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, has estimated the number could jump to 50,000 after the dispensaries open! Segerblom, similarly to Laub, does not support a cap on the square footage of cultivation facilities. He believes the market can decide on its own.


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