CEO Leaves Las Vegas Bank for a Medical Marijuana Start-up

John Sullivan helped turn around First Security Bank of Nevada after a near-collapse during the recession; he took on the roles of president and CEO and led the bank out of a dark space into the light again.

But Sullivan’s banking days are now over; he has resigned from his former position in order to (it is rumored…) work for a Nevada Medical Marijuana related business. As per a report from the news site ‘Marijuana Business Daily,’ Sullivan joined Integrated compliance Solutions, which is a marijuana-focused financial services start-up here in town. He is said to be president and CEO, shoes he already knows how to fill.

This passion is not entirely new to Sullivan. He had already been known in the industry as a prominent lender for Medical Marijuana investors, so it is not a stretch to believe he intends to become further involved in the budding industry. Last fall alone, Sullivan and First Security secured over 50 clients who were seeking to open Medical Marijuana companies. Sullivan gained respect quickly as a trusted lender who believed it was a moral imperative to provide natural medicine to those in need.

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