First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas

Euphoria Wellness shared a sneak peek with the community this past Tuesday, March 31st, when they opened their doors for an open house event.

The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana dispensary is prompted to be Southern Nevada’s first legal weed dispensary; Euphoria will be reviewed by state and county inspectors later this week before having its produces sent to laboratory for testing prior to its sale to consumers.

According to Euphoria’s owners, the dispensary should be opened by the end of this month. This marks a history day in Nevada history, as up until this point, Medical Marijuana card holders could only obtain their medicine if they grew it themselves. This will not be the case any longer. Voters legalized marijuana for medical usage back in 2000, and lawmakers finally agreed upon the details in 2013.

imagesIn the last two years, prospective Medical Marijuana businesses (such as dispensaries, grow houses, suppliers, etc.) have gone through tedious and lengthy application processes. Euphoria itself has spend about $1 million dollars on licensing, attorneys, consultant, and the cost of fixing up the Euphoria Wellness storefront, which you can find near Jones and Robindale Roads.

The store is representative of a pharmacy with high-security: bullet-proof glass included.

Once this, and other, dispensaries open across the Las Vegas Valley, Medical Marijuana patients will be able to legally obtain high quality, safe, marijuana in the form of smokeables, edibles, and various other forms.

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