Local Concerns about Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas

Local Concerns about Medical Marijuana in Las Vegas

Recent buzz on the legalization of medical marijuana in Nevada has focused around the rising prices of medical marijuana due to a state regulation allowing the Division of Public and Behavioral Health to limit the cultivation of medical marijuana in Southern Nevada.


Clark County Commissioners are discussing this issue, in preparation for the legal opening of numerous medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities in several months. (Note: the county approved 18 dispensaries, 38 production facilities, and 5 labs that test medical marijuana.)


As reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, Clark Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak stated that putting a limit on the cultivation of medical marijuana would unnecessarily drive up the price for patients. Sisolak favors, instead, allowing the free enterprise system to determine what the demand is, and then supplying according to that demand.


Fellow Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani noted that the issue will require input and insight from the local business community. “I don’t want to do anything to drive up the cost of people’s medicine just because we set an artificial number,” she said (as noted by the LVRJ).


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